The Football World Cup Winners of 1982

Olympic Football

To participate, countries must qualify through their regional bodies.


The head coaches of each national team select 22 soccer players to represent their country in the Games. A South American team can be a real contender for a medal at the 2020 Olympics. 

Olympic debut

Uruguay will make its Olympic debut in the games, and is one of the favorites. The country has won a gold medal in senior competition the past two years. The Pre-Olympic Tournament will be held in Colombia this summer.


Canada is the reigning Olympic champions. Brazil, meanwhile, is without legends such as Formiga but will have strength in forwards. Sweden, meanwhile, is ranked second in FIFA rankings.


tournament is organised by the South American Football Confederation

The tournament is organised by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL). Their star striker, Emma Blackstenius, will lead the Swedish side. France will also have a strong team and the support of a nation behind them. So, who will take the gold in Rio? After retirement from professional football, Khumalo has many interests. He is involved in a variety of business ventures, including real estate and hospitality. He is also involved in a soccer academy and a scouting organization.


Olympic football is a single-elition knockout tournament in which the winner of each match-up advances to the next round.


In some tournaments, the format is pure single-elimination, while in others the competition is divided into many phases.

this way

In this way, it can have one or more stages, including playoffs. This tournament format helps to prevent the elimination of weaker teams.


At the end of each group stage, the top two teams from each group advance to the knockout stage.


There are 32 teams in the competition, and each team will play three matches in each group. Points are awarded to teams, with wins being worth three points, while draws are worth one point. If there are ties, tiebreakers are used to determine who advances to the knockout stage.

popular sport

Olympic football is a popular sport in South America. South American teams have been a consistent force at the games since professional football was allowed in the games in 1992. The region has won seven out of the 15 football medals since then. The continent has a vibrant football culture, and its players are well known around the world. 


Many of their players play in Europe and Asia, and their youth sides are watched by many football fans.

two years

Uruguay is making its debut in the Olympics and has medaled twice in the past two years.


South American teams are also favored to win a medal.

 Brazil and Germany are the other favorite countries to medal. Despite their relative underdog status, the South American teams have the experience and the ability to win a medal. Olympic football is not played between African teams, but African teams compete against South American teams in the men’s and women’s competitions. Players from both continents must be at least eighteen years old in order to play in the tournament. 

players older

the players on the other team

Each team is limited to three players older than the players on the other team. The number of teams participating depends on each confederation, so only four teams will qualify for the games.